sandersons asked: bigboobslubed is following me and it's disturbing to see them on my followers list

….do you need an adult.

although i appreciate that the url rhymes.

sandersons asked: ღ

ღ: Post a gif of what you’re currently feeling right now.

sandersons asked: COD:MW Series

❤ male: macmillan.
❤ female: ??? idk i guess the thunderbolt pilot from mw3 she sounded cool.
✖ least favorite: shepherd aka my dad.
✔ who resembles me: no one.
❤ most attractive: sandman.
❤ three more characters that i like: price, yuri, ghost.

sandersons asked: Halo Series

❤ male: kurt.
❤ female: cortana.
✖ least favorite: idk tartarus and the prophets.
✔ who resembles me: omg no one.
❤ most attractive: how i imagine chief bow chicka bow wow.
❤ three more characters that i like: jorge, chief, buck.

novemberdelta replied to your post: Is that kid Chico and why IS the headphone jack in his CHEST??

i think the headphone jack was in his chest so he could listen to his heart or something, i mean that’s what i thought at first but hearts aren’t in the middle of your chest

i think he has an ipod in his chest.

sandersons asked: have you ever had a pimple near the you-know-where

what’s the you-know-where

is it my elbow

sandersons asked: "cock that handgun one more time"

; ))))

sandersons asked: "call me master commander of the x-fleet 1000"

implying i don’t introduce myself to people like that

sandersons asked: "you're such a vagina"

i still

need to say that to him.

sandersons asked: "AIGHT CYE IS MY BABY DADDY"