is this something you think about every time a new game is announced

it’s something i’m perpetually thinking about.

i knew jars of pickles existed. but not tin cans of pickles that shit is unnatural.

✄ im pretty sure you've done this before so write ocerot this time

u got it bb

when you play ro2 do you play with a group of friends or just find people around doing what you need to do,,,,,,,,

i usually just find random people i only have like 2 friends that play it. ;_;

15 again


15, 14+19

14. Handwrite “hello”. 

15. Handwrite your name in the hand that you do NOT normally use. 


oh jesuss christ

19. Handwrite my url.


fat nasty trash -anon


i c u

haaaaaaaaaaaaaave you seen my daughter *breaks into song*


imagenotdaredevil replied to your post: yo do you like fallout 3 or nv better

IM SORRY I JUST i have both but ive only played nv and i haven’t in a while so im trying to decide whether to start 3 because im a laz y shit and idr where i was in nv

omg start fallout 3 you won’t regret it!!

yo do you like fallout 3 or nv better

cat don’t make me choose ;_;