never seen baramelon before but should i thank you or curse you

it is our burden. our curse.

I'm going to guess; it's a ship that includes Chris Redfield and a watermelon. Am I far off?

not at all.

What the Hell is a "Baramelon"?

i don’t know if i should ruin you and tell you.

CP! CP! This is delta 4. Just found a body.. Gonna... Investigate.. Delta 4, this is CP... Be sure to bring the surveillance camera.. Theres no reason it shouldn't be down... I'm on alert.. ;)

Baramelon is love, baramelon is life

bless you.

Delta 4, this is CP... I'm gonna get the drop on you... Baby.

excuse me

"Liquid, how could you cheat on me like this?" Gray Fox cried out, his bf's arms wrapped around some old hussy. Liquid got up from the bed and replied "In the middle east, we don't date foxes, we date cougars. Instead of young curiosity, we've got years of experience."
One day gray fox and snake fuc*ed like crazy. Then they stopped and realized they never *u*ked because they are dead
"REX, i've always had a crush on you...." Gray fox said as he looked into the cockpit of the Metal Gear. REX BLUSHED and moved to embrace him. IT PUT ITS FOOT DOWN OVER HIM. "OH REX, I KNEW YOU HAD CRUSH ON ME BACK!" Gray fox winks at his wingman snake, who watched this whole display. Tears of happiness flood his eyes. "Everything i've done up to now is NULL and i'm glad you're happy fox!" snake snaked as he wiped the nanomachines out of his eyes.
this is the first time ive ever heard of you but i feel the need to say that your url reminds me of the fact i have the metalgaysolid url. that is all have a nice day

use that beautiful url. take care of it.